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Divine Energy Healing 

by Cassaundra Paolini 


"The inward journey into Wellness begins with having the courage to take the first step. On your path into self Mastery, the path will present itself and the doors will open, but you have to be aware and to trust in the divine self - this ignites connection, divine wisdom and guidance - the key to a luminous life."

- Cassaundra Paolini -

Our Story

When we were very young, we already knew what we intended to be and it conflicted with the life we were in and the world around us - many others also experience this.

We so often asked, "where is the magic, where has the heaven on earth gone?"

We had come into the physical body with memories intact of previous incarnations, who and what we truly are, and particular gifts, heightened intuition, natural medium and the ability to see beyond linear time and this dimension - this was not widely accepted.

It took decades to step into our power, to come home to our truth, to love our self deeply, and feel a deep sense of belonging. We finally remembered that we had the power to consciously dream the world into being - to be the Master of our own Destiny... and so began the best part of our life.

Everything came to a crossroad in 2005, when a major catalyst shook our world into an undeniable awakening, and finally gave us the courage to embark on a profound quest.

With preparations completed in 2007, we walked away from everything (work, family, relationship) and began a long deep healing and transformational journey - to discover the I AM, and our "key" within (that priceless key within, that unlocks everything and opens the door to your infinite possibilities and the Master Creator self).

We knew one had to live without judgement, truly spend time alone, in order to get to know oneself, hence we were guided to move overseas, where we knew no-one or of the language, and could become connected with the inner-self.

We were inspired to follow our happiness and passion, and it eventually opened the gateway to higher study, beyond the shamanic and aboriginal teachings of our youth, to finally come full circle, and integrate to our original studies in psychology and human behaviour with the most important study, the connection to the inner-child and the vital role it plays in our present well being, and then learning how to apply all of these aspects to an overall healing and to tap into the human mind and its awesome potential.

Our pinnacle moment was when we learned to unify the conscious mind, and unlock the channel within to our divine spirit; it allowed a shift in consciousness (to its eternal infinite source, unimaginable expansion and information), and a communication with universal intelligence and divine wisdom and we finally stepped into the creator we had always intended to be (the key within - the Master I AM).

The divine inner teacher taught us how to collapse our own time lines, rewrite cellular memory, connect and upgrade our inner child, release old programming, and add new positive programming, activate code sequences and so much more! These teachings had such a profound effect on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies that it transformed our energy, thoughts, vision, and our world became a more peaceful, beautiful. caring, magical place.

In November 2012, we were so excited that others should experience this "Key", and how amazing we felt, that Divine Energy Healing was born - to share knowledge, and offer a blueprint for healing, upgrading and expansion. 

We are here today joyfully continuing this awe inspiring journey, to explore, learn and expand, in this "school of life". and we are delighted to share it with you.

We all deserve to live our best lives, therefore our goal and deepest intention has always been for people to find that inner connection, worth and value, and to feel the peace and happiness that they deserve. We are committed to this goal and your Journey into whole Wellness; a powerful part of how we are able to help others, is in our ability to read energy, and we draw upon this to help each client and student.

Thank you so much for being here, and may the blessing of the light always be yours.

With Love,