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Divine Energy Healing 

by Cassaundra Paolini 


Angel Healing

A tranquil and powerful healing that works at a Soul level, with the highest divine energies, love and wisdom of the Angels, as they gently release emotional blocks, relieving issues on different levels, helping past trauma and abuse

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Gentle Loving Kind

once you step forward for emotional or physical healing, your angels and guides get to work. I utilize and offer my physical body to be channeled through by your guides for your highest best good. We ask for the intention of what you need to be served and they take it from there. Only your highest Divine light is accessed.

Client's receive a 21-day post session Follow-Up Call and Email Support

Choose from 30, 60 and 90 minute appointments

Clients pay at time of booking

Sessions are online or over the telephone

In 60-90 minutes session, time is given to receive messages from your angels and give specific information to the client related to issues they may be experiencing and the help that they are looking for.