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Divine Energy Healing 

By Cassaundra Paolini

Step into Your Power

Clients can experience the freedom they are looking for in only a few sessions. 

The Therapy is dynamic and effective, and is designed to uncover the root cause of your issue(s), help free you from any self-defeating beliefs/patterns and imprint new positive and powerful upgrades into your energy and subconscious to produce life changing results, to go on to live a more happy fulfilling life.



Divine Energy Healing© is Yours to Experience

Show up for your relaxing energy healing, and make an internal request for what you wish to achieve and stay open for the experience to receive

Sessions provide you with more balance, connection and support in your life, through integrative therapies, energy work, coaching, inner child therapy and hypnosis technique to help you find answers to the root of underlying issues, and lead to permanent powerful change.  One can often experience increased well being, clarity, a lighter more positive feeling, and even less pain, from just one session.

2-3 sessions are recommended to make a difference in your life.

Your Journey into Wellness begins Now


Whether scheduling a Free Consultation or an Appointment, you can Book Online from anywhere in the world and change as needed for added convenience..

valued Clients

Your free consultation gives you the opportunity to find out everything you need to know and how we can help you based on the criteria set in your call - the best therapy plan is then decided for your session.,

*Please remember to include your TELEPHONE NUMBER (with Country Code), TIME ZONE, and preference i.e: Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp. Canada and USA Clients can choose Direct Call.


Are Online Sessions just as effective 

as In-person sessions?

Since the most​ of therapy is a close-eyed process, like hypnotherapy and visualization, the only real difference between a face-to-face and an online session is the space in which it is conducted. Many clients report feeling even more comfortable being at home.

Your journey into wellness is up to you and your spirit, and we cannot guarantee your results, though we can reassure you that we are committed to giving you the best experience possible.